Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Magazine Champions Ethical Living in Forest Hill

georgina looks at a rough copy of her new magazine invisible Invisible In Forest Hill - Georgina Palmer from Forest Hill joins a growing band of publishers targetting ethical consumers. Other magazines such as Lifescape and Off the Hoof have found the present climate of tightening advertising belts tough. Whilst off the hoof takes a hard core vegan line Lifescape took a low key fashion approach to ethcal publishing. Georgina's magazine is more like sugar or shout with a proven formula of celebrity interviews, true life interviews and shopping tips. With some hard hitting stories about bullying and animal cruelty that she hopes will capture the hearts of youngsters in Forest Hill  Georgina is hoping her magazine Invisible will prove popular.

"I know the publishing world is currently tougher than it's ever been but there really is nothing that truly represents the view of the target audience that I'm aiming at" said Georgina today.

Georgina's magazine Invisible will be launched on Wednesday 9th Dec in Forest Hill - The first issue features celebrity interviews, an article on bullying, Christmas shopping tips and a health page with readers questions answered by health expert and London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

We are sure Scheel be a success.

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