Monday, July 11, 2005

What is Cruelty Free?

Cruelty Free Living is quagmire of compromise.

Just when you think you've got it all straight and you are patting yourself on the back for treading lightly on the planet and avoiding causing unnecessary suffering some argumentative twat comes along with a scenario you've not yet thought of.

The strength of your blow to the status quo is that you are doing something. So many cynics on their mission to quell smugness where ever it flourishes use their carefully honed philosophy and hypotheses to justify doing nothing.

Doing something is always better that doing nothing even if that something you are doing is saying nothing.

I've noted that an increasing amount of cosmetics say they are cruelty free. How can they be cruelty free if they are not vegan ?

I concede that buying these cosmetics is better than doing nothing and buying products tested on animals but there is lots of room for better still.

Go out and do the best you can - be as vegan as you can be!