Thursday, November 05, 2009

Most Ethical Chocolate in the UK

Latest News from Plamil

Plamil have been rated as producing the most ethical chocolate, in Ethical Consumer magazine’s 2009 brand comparison. The study compared over 25 major brands on a range of issues from environmental, worker rights, supply chain, animal rights to sustainability.
Plamil’s Director Adrian Ling stated, “We’re delighted that Plamil have been rated highest. This company has always had more goals than just profit, and its great to be recognised for the social aspects we contribute towards. It may be a little odd to say, but its not that hard to ensure that every aspect of our business is as ethical as possible.
“We consider not only on the ‘headline’ ethical points such as ingredient sourcing, environmental issues or other typical company policies, but like all businesses it’s about choices. At Plamil we like to make what we consider the right choice, which is quite often very easy. Fortunately our customers are increasingly appreciating this with ever increasing sales!"

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